There's Room for Everyone to Play: how The Event Center Will Affect Local Venues and Sports Arenas

Several members of our community have voiced concerns about the proposed Grand Junction Event Center and whether or not it will take away business from local venues such as the Avalon Theatre and sports arenas such as the Glacier Ice Arena. We want to thank these members for their concerns. All of us want to see our local businesses thrive; healthy local businesses mean a healthy local economy for all of us.

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Landon Balding
Why Do We Need an Event Center?

We believe a new event center in Downtown Grand Junction is the shot in the arm our community needs to create positive and lasting change in the Grand Valley. However, since we started talking about the possibility of building a new event center, several people have voiced their valid concerns, the main question being:

"Grand Junction needs so many things including better schools, better roads, more resources for seniors, and a recreational center to name a few. 
So why an event center?"

We wanted to take a moment to address this concern, to answer this important question, and to explain how an event center would breathe life into our community.

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Carrington Schaeffer