Why Do We Need an Event Center?

We believe a new event center in Downtown Grand Junction is the shot in the arm our community needs to create positive and lasting change in the Grand Valley. However, since we started talking about the possibility of building a new event center, several people have voiced their valid concerns, the main question being:

"Grand Junction needs so many things including better schools, better roads, more resources for seniors, and a recreation center to name a few. 
So why an event center?"

We want to take a moment to address this concern, to answer this important question, and to explain how an event center will breathe life into our community.


An Event Center Will Generate Revenue for Other Improvements

The Grand Junction Event Center is pivotal to the success of Grand Junction because it is one of the best ways to continually pave the way for other much-needed improvements in the Grand Valley. The Event Center will infuse our local community with money from other regions and states, boosting our economy. Tourists will start spending their money here, attending events at the Event Center, staying at our hotels, eating at our restaurants, and buying at our retail shops. As a result, we will see a rise in the amount of sales tax collected, which, in turn, feeds directly into funding other essential projects our community needs and desires.

The Grand Junction Event Center is one of the only ways of successfully and continually generating dollars for these projects. While a new recreation center, better schools, and better roads are all highly necessary for Grand Junction, none of these things make Grand Junction money by bringing in income from other regions and states. 


an event center will provide local jobs

The Grand Junction Event Center will create many local jobs both directly and indirectly. 

First, the Event Center impacts jobs directly by hiring local builders, managers, and employees. Every dollar it costs to build the Center will be spent on local labor and supplies, keeping our local money local.

Second, the Event Center impacts jobs indirectly as a stronger economy will inevitably create the need for more jobs in a trickle-down effect. Once the Event Center is fully operational, Downtown and the City will start promote Grand Junction as a tourism destination, bringing in more conventions, concerts, and sporting events which, in turn, will bring in more non-local attendees. More attendees means stronger and larger local businesses which means, in many cases, these businesses can begin to hire more people. More demand calls for new hotels, restaurants, and retail, all of which will create new jobs for Grand Junction as well as bring in new property taxes that we as a community will spend on improving our town.


An event center will bring culture and diversity 

An investment in the Grand Junction Event Center is an investment in our community's future both economically and culturally. 

The Event Center wants to bring in many different kinds of events: family entertainment shows, rodeos, concerts, trade shows, sporting events (including hockey, basketball, and football), and more. Offering larger shows and better entertainment makes sense for Grand Junction; as the largest city between Salt Lake and Denver, Grand Junction is a natural touring stop and has the potential to be a cultural hub in Colorado. With larger entertainment and sporting events, Grand Junction locals might be more inclined to spend their dollars for entertainment here instead of traveling to Denver. 

Fruita and Palisade have taught us that tourism works here. Bolstering tourism in Grand Junction is one of the best ways of bringing in outside money to the Grand Valley.

By offering our community more varied, larger-scale entertainment, we open up the possibility of creating a more diverse culture. Culture encourages learning and inspires creativity, initiating a domino effect that will positively affect our children for generations to come.

Carrington Schaeffer