It Looks Like Grand Junction Might Get Their New Event Center After All

The City of Grand Junction is continuing to move forward with building a new event center downtown. The $62 million venue will seat 5,200 people and span somewhere around 140,000 square feet. The arena would aim to draw 80K new visitors per year from the surrounding regional market to attend higher profile events that are routing through Grand Junction.

A new event center in Grand Junction COULD look similar to this

A new event center in Grand Junction COULD look similar to this

Grand Junction residents have many questions about cost, parking, and location. This project will cost $62 million, and Grand Junction Tax payers want to know if they will be footing the bill. They want to know where the parking for additional, 2,300+ vehicles will be facilitated. Grand Junction residents are curious if the location is the best spot for the arena.

The benefit of a facility this size in Grand Junction? It eliminates the need to drive 4-6 hours to see big-name performers, sports events, and conferences. Grand Junction residents would simply have to drive 10-15 minutes to see their favorite artists or sports teams!

Grand Junction is definitely a desirable location for touring shows and entertainers, and it’s the only sensible city between Denver and Salt Lake City to host a venue of this size. While Grand Junction has many fine establishments for artists and events, most larger artists and all minor league sporting events require a much larger venue than Grand Junction can currently offer. That is why this project is so important to the Grand Valley.

Grand Junction residents have a lot of questions, as they should be with a project this size. The good news is, we have answers. For more information please feel free to visit our FAQ Page.

A local poll showed that 58.62% of Grand Junction Residents are in favor of building a facility that would attract larger artists to perform in Grand Junction.

Shea Bramer