1. How Will The grand junction Event Center provide Adequate Parking For Large Events?

According to a 2015 parking study conducted by Walker Parking Consultants, Downtown Grand Junction currently has enough parking spaces to be able to accommodate even the largest events at the Grand Junction Event Center. In fact, for those largest events, the Event Center would only require the use of around 30% of all available Downtown parking, leaving the other 70% for non-attendee use. (Every year, Downtown provides enough parking for the Parade of Lights, an event that is 30% larger than the largest proposed event at the Event Center.) 

Full-capacity events requiring the maximum amount of off-site parking will only account for roughly 8% of events hosted by the Event Center. According to the study, 70% of events held at the Event Center will be small to mid-sized events requiring very little off-site parking, if any. 

Most event parking is within a comfortable walking distance from the Event Center, with the furthest parking being less than half a mile away. In addition, most events hosted at the Event Center will take place at night and during weekends when most of downtown's parking is available and all the paid/metered parking is free. (Note: All downtown metered parking spaces are free after 4 pm on weekdays and on weekends.) 

Increased foot traffic resulting from Event Center events will benefit downtown restaurants and retail shops, boosting our local economy as well as securing Downtown as a local cultural hub.


2. How Much Will The Sales Tax Increase Affect My Household?

The sales tax in Grand Junction is currently 2.75% which is well below other communities in our area. The average sales tax in most cities throughout Western Colorado is around 3.3%. If voters approve the Grand Junction Event Center, Grand Junction’s sales tax will increase by 1/4% to equal 3% which is still .3% below the average sales tax for Western Colorado. The increased sales tax would cost each family approximately $2.50 per month or $30 per year per household residing within Grand Junction city limits.


3. Why Are We Worrying About An Event Center Before A Rec Center, Schools, and Taking Care Of The homeless and Seniors?

We wholeheartedly agree that Grand Junction has many valid needs, and we believe every one of those needs is important and deserves attention. The increased sales tax revenues the Grand Junction Event Center will bring to our valley year after year will create many new jobs, boost our local economy, and generate increased sales tax revenues to help fund the projects Grand Junction so desperately needs.


4. how will this event center be different than what we've seen with the avalon theater so far?

As a small, 1096-seat venue, the Avalon Theatre was never designed to accommodate larger events with regional customers; it relies primarily on an in-town customer base. While we love and support the mission of the Avalon Theatre and Two Rivers Convention Center as they exist today, they serve a different community purpose and provide a different type of usage on a much smaller scale than the Grand Junction Event Center will. The Grand Junction Event Center will provide Grand Junction with the much-needed flexibility to be able to offer larger, more varied events to a broader, more regional customer base. These larger events will attract tourists from surrounding cities and states to come spend money here which will result in a boost in both our local economy as well as our local culture.


5. Who Will Be Managing The grand junction Event Center?

The Grand Junction Event Center will not be operated by the City of Grand Junction but by a third party company which specializes in overseeing the day to day operations and marketing of publicly funded multi-purpose event venues.