What The GJEC Could Look Like

What The GJEC Could Look Like


We Are Absolutely Confident That We Can Book These Large Events In Grand Junction.

The proposition of implementing a new 5,000+ seat event center in downtown Grand Junction has stirred up a lot of great conversation from both sides of the issue. One of the most common topics of discussion has been the question, “How confident are you that Grand Junction can really pull in these large events?”. 


Our answer, we are absolutely confident. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter what we think about it, because of any of the large third-party management companies that will potentially run the facility, all of them have the connections to make this happen. The reason is simple, they are already booking these acts in all of the surrounding big cities.


That means to book one of these acts in Grand Junction, all that one of these management companies need do is route the show through Grand Junction on the tour of the several venues they are already booking. It’s that simple.


As if that point wasn’t enough to be absolutely confident that these events will get booked in Grand Junction, here are some more facts to ease your mind. The population of Western Colorado is roughly 600,000 people, which means that less than 0.83% (at the most) of the people that live within 3 hours of Grand Junction would need to be supporting the event center on any given day, to absolutely pack the event center. That is not even including everyone living outside of a 3 hour drive from Grand Junction.


The demographic within a 3 hour drive are the most likely to visit the event center on a regular basis. However, that doesn’t mean that people outside of that drive-time won’t visit the event center, they absolutely will. The point is, the people within a 3 hour drive are more than enough to support this event center, and there will still be visitors and attendees above and beyond that.


All of the potential management companies that would be running the Grand Junction Events Center are already booking these acts in cities on either side of the valley, and the population of Western Colorado is more than large enough to not only support, but sell out these events. It only makes for these management companies to book these larger events in Grand Junction.